PLEASE NOTE: Price will change based on course material requirements for different courses offered.

We offer much needed skills to allow us to pivot during these times of change. Skills that allow us to continue to provide for ourselves as the systems that have been reliably providing what we need for so long continue to be unreliable.

We offer skills such as:

  • Food preservation course
  • Soap making course

Stay tuned for much more offerings of different courses that we will be offering to help you stabilise your life and become self reliant.


The world has changed forever since 2020. We have had to make drastic changes to our lives in order to adjust to where the world is taking us as humanity.

The changes externally have required us to make changes to our day to day routines. We have had the “big resignation” that many people went through because many were asked to adhere to mandates in their jobs that they were not prepared to adhere to and in some cases people were dismissed or forced to pivot and find alternatives to work and life in all areas of life.Life demanded that changes be made.

This calls for all of us to learn new skills that we can hopefully turn into a new way of living to continue to not only survive, but thrive during this world shift that is going on. We are forced out of the industrial revolution into a technological one, which requires new skills to stay relevant.

The Naledi King brand offers different classes and workshops that give people new skills that can hopefully be turned into a much needed income generating resource. Examples such as food preservation course, earring course, soap making course and list goes on.

It is important to learn skills that will help us combat the deficiencies crated by the current global shift so we are not overly dependant on the system as it goes through the drastic changes.


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