As a man/woman thinks, so is he/she. Without a healthy mind, one finds it hard to weather the storms of life. These sessions are designed to help us NETWORK and share tools and ideas in order to be able to respond to life’s challenges in a way that continues to support us.

Without a strong and sound mind we are not able to create the lives we desire. How we respond to what life throws at us depends on the health of our mind…if it does not kill you, it makes you stronger.

So join our sessions and find the tribe you need as you keep building your life and to not just survive but thrive even during these uncertain times


These sessions are designed to ground and provide the necessary TOOLS for us to continue to weather the storms of life. Mental health is one of the pillars that allow us to keep creating the lives we desire against all odds, especially during these big changes occurring now and will continue to challenge us on all levels. It’s not about what happens out there or to us, its about how we respond to the events that come our way. You have probably heard the saying that goes…” It either kills you or makes you stronger”, that’s a choice we have to make. However without tools it becomes nearly impossible to survive, let alone thrive during any challenging time we go through.

As a man/woman thinks, so is he…and we all need tools to be able to create the lives we desire. Relationships, especially the relationship we have with SELF needs to be healthy in order to create the relationships we need to have with others in our lives. No force outside ourselves can do that for us. Our thoughts create our reality, so mindfulness is very important, living with intention is paramount to healthy living.

So these sessions are geared to share and understand ourselves in a group setting and to learn together and also create a NETWORK of individuals we can hopefully partner with and create the healthy communities we need to build a world that is conducive to a healthy life.

We can not do this thing called life alone, we need to be connected to the human network, however it has to be with other like minded individuals. to find individuals that see us and resonate with who we are, it’s important to attend workshops that connect us to other people that have a zest for life and who want to create a tribe that they can feel supported by even after the course is done. So come and network and heal with other like minded individuals


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